4 cze 2012

Magic forest :)

Panoptiqm has already started the production of the first animation film titled “Magic Forest”. I'm happy to be a part of the team:)

More at www.magicforestmovie.com

29 maj 2012

Clumsy Clown

Clown animation from Panoptiqm by Artur Marcol. Rendering by Jarek Sokołowski:)
Malcolm character courtesy of AnimSchool.com

20 mar 2012


Another spot promoting TP S.A. brand for Platige Image with two very popular characters Heart and Mind, directed by Sebatian Pańczyk. We were responsible for animation of main characters as well as heads of all singing sheeps. Hope you like it!

19 mar 2012

Less than zero :)

Here is one of Panoptiqm's recent projects for Millennium Bank where we were responsible for animation of guitarist & singer. The spot was directed by Sebastian Pańczyk for Platige Image. Hope you like it!

14 mar 2012

TP Heart and Mind - Speed

Here is one of my recent projects where I was responsible for character animation. Had a pleasure to work on 3 shots in Panoptiqm studio for Platige Image. Enjoy!

5 mar 2012

Dream 2030

Hi guys!
I'm glad to present a new project Dream 2030 I've animated with Artur few months ago in Panoptiqm studio for Platige Image. Hope you like it!

Click here to get more info about the project.

24 lut 2012

Pokaż kotku co masz w środku

check some shots with a turkey from "Pokaż kotku co masz w środku'' film I had the opportunity to work on about a year ago when I was working for badi badi fx.
Hope you like it!

Kamil Hepner did a great job again with this superb rig! Thanks :)